Friday, March 30, 2012

Jackpot!! {Five Things Friday}

You don't care what I'd do with $640 million if I won it. I'm going to tell you anyway.

5 Healthy Things I'd Do With My Lottery Winnings:

1. Quit my job, so I'd have lots more time for exercise and active pursuits. (And also because DUH, I'm pretty sure in Lottery 101 they teach you that the first thing you're supposed to do after you've verified that you have in fact won is Quit.Your.Job.)

2. Hire a triathlon coach. I'm pretty sure I could make a lot more progress toward my goals if I had somoeone bossing me around 24/7 like it's their job. Because, well, it would be their job.

3. Hire a personal chef to prepare super healthy foods for my family. I love my husband's cooking, but I don't think he'd mind giving up that responsibility to someone else.

4. Buy a bike. I'm probably going to want to do this at some point even if I don't win the lottery, because I imagine it's difficult to complete the cycling portion of a triathlon without one.

5. Buy a new house with its own swimming pool large enough for lap swimming. That way I can't use inconvenient "hours of operation" as an excuse not to go to the pool, and I don't have to be self-conscious about better swimmers watching me flail around like a whale in shallow water!!

5 UNhealthy Things I'd Do With My Lottery Winnings:

1. Celebrate with copious amounts of cake.

2. Celebrate with copious amounts of alcohol.

3. Go on vacation, where I will celebrate with even more food and booze.

4. Hire someone to watch my kids during the day so the hubs and I can catch up on all the sleep we've lost since becoming parents 6.5 years ago. (Sleep is actually healthy...but I'd be happy to get TOO MUCH of it for a little while!!!)

5. Buy a bakery, so I can continue to celebrate with cake for many years to come.'s possible that it would be healthier for me not to win....but I'm buying a few tickets anyway!

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