Friday, March 16, 2012

My Corniest Obsession {Friday FOOD}

Life has been rough ever since I gave up late night desserts. My sweet tooth is very angry at me, and I must confess that sometimes I placate it by cramming cookies or something into my mouth at 8:55 (I set 9pm as the official cut-off for dessert). Breaking a bad habit can be an ugly process.

My saving grace on these long, hungry nights has been microwave popcorn, in little individual 100-calorie bags of perfection. We buy them in bulk at Costco. (We have four sons...pretty soon we'll be buying everything in bulk at Costco!) Each bag is just the right size for a light, reasonably healthy late-night snack. I eat it almost every night, and though it doesn't satisfy my craving for something sugary, it does keep me from ransacking the kitchen for junky alternatives.

In an ideal world, I'd eat something REALLY healthy at night, like veggies or fruit. I'm happy to snack on those during the day, but at night they are the last things I want. So right now, popcorn is my best friend!

What are your favorite semi-healthy snacks?

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