Thursday, March 15, 2012

Memory Lane {Inspiration of the Week}

Yesterday I told you my inspiration posts would be interesting because they wouldn't be about me. Today I'm going to kick things off by writing Yep, I'm a big ol' liar and cannot be trusted.

The thing is, I have lots of ideas for this theme, because I'm always seeing or hearing something that inspires me, but the biggest thing motivating me this week is this very blog. A few days ago, I read back through the first year or so of posts, and got caught up in my own story. I remembered what each success and failure felt like, and became reacquainted with my drive to keep pushing onward, keep overcoming obstacles, keep making dreams come true.

I'm just an ordinary person; my story isn't too remarkable. But as time goes by and circumstances change, sometimes we lose little bits of ourselves along the way. It can be nice to rediscover the best parts of ourselves and revisit lessons we have learned so we can apply them again and again.

Here are some of my favorite old posts that are inspiring me today:
To Dream the Improbable Dream
An Olympic Spirit
The Heart of a Winner
Where It All Began
Head First
Head Games
Sweet Success
So Good, it's SCARY

These posts get me all pumped up and eager to race again! This is just the boost I need when I'm about to start running again any day now!!

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