Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gone Running, Back Later {Inspiration of the Week}

"You either ran today, or you didn't."

That's the tagline of one of my favorite Facebook pages. I love it because the message is so simple and true, and there is no judgement in it. You are free to feel however you want about whichever option is your reality on any given day.

Some days the line induces guilt, as I realize my excuses are lame and don't really matter. Other days I am confident that my reasons for not running are legitimate, but then I'm reminded that the end result is still the same: a day that I didn't run is a day that I didn't run, regardless of the reason. And of course there are days when I DID run, and when I see that quote I feel proud of myself! Still other days, the line is a reminder that the day is not yet over, and I still must choose what kind of day it's going to be. There's a lot of possible meaning in that short little sentence!

The Facebook page is called "I *heart* to run," and I think I found it via a friend who is also a runner. Everyday it posts inspirational quotes and pictures, and nearly all of them resonate with me to some degree. I'm tempted to post their quotes all over the walls of my basement where my treadmill is, to help me keep going when I struggle.

There is more to the page than inspirational quotes, too! Each day they give away a "Gone Running" sign, and they also have a link to their website that is an online fundraising platform. See their "About" section for more info.

If you're a runner and you're not already a fan of "I *heart* to run", I suggest you become one ASAP!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with "I *heart* to run" in any way. I'm simply one of many FB fans who appreciate the ways the page speaks to us, and I want to share that inspiration with any of my friends who haven't been exposed to it yet!

NOTE: The name of the page actually uses a "less than" symbol and a 3 to make the heart, but when I type that here, it gets all screwed up due to html. I am not savvy enough to know how to work around that problem, so I'm just replacing it with *heart*. If you click the link to the FB page, you will see the title correctly written. :)

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