Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pearly Whites (Tuesday Tips: Preventive Care)

As part of my "big picture" approach to health, I'm patting myself on the back for going to the dentist this morning.

Most people probably think going to the dentist is no big deal, but not too long ago I actually went nine whole years without going!! I never did like the experience much, and didn't know how to go about finding a dentist once I moved to the DC area, so I just...didn't go. Oops?

What finally motivated me to start getting my teeth cleaned again was parenthood. We had started taking the kids to the dentist regularly, and I felt like a giant hypocrite insisting that they endure something I was unwilling to endure myself. So I discovered a very friendly dentist who is an active member of our church community, and got my dental health back on track. Luckily my years away hadn't done any damage. I did have to get some old fillings replaced (and will need to replace them all eventually), but otherwise my teeth have been in great shape. I missed one dental appointment last summer when my baby was still new and working around his eating/sleeping schedule was next-to-impossible, but today I resumed my twice-yearly appointments.

Now that my teeth have been taken care of for the time being, I can move on to several other appointments I'd like to make this year in order to improve or maintain my health. I need to find a general practioner I can go to for ordinary ailments (like if I were to get bronchitis again or something), and I also really need to see a dermatologist. I want to be more proactive about various types of preventive care, in the hopes of avoiding treatments in the future!

What types of preventive care do you do or recommend?

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