Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tonsillectomy Recovery: Day 6

Weight: 220
Change from yesterday: none
Change overall: -5

Hello 3:00am, my old friend....

My plan for tonight was to sleep as long as possible, wake up, drink Ensure, take meds, go back to sleep. My stomach is not cooperating. It's not nausea plaguing me this time...it's more like extreme hunger, which is making my stomach HURT. I'm trying to settle it with some water before I add Ensure to the mix. Really hope this works. I want to go back to sleep!!!

I got my wish! After I was finally able to take my meds, I got a whole bunch of sleep! Woohoo!

Today has not been too bad. Eating hurts, every time, no matter what. It hurts my throat, obviously, but it also triggers the evil ear pain every time. NOT eating is NOT an option for me, so there is not much I can do but take some deep breaths and power through. The relief comes quickly afterwards when I take my meds! Well, reasonably quickly anyway.

In between meals & meds, the pain is pretty bearable. I'm taking longer naps and just waiting out the healing. I'm pretty pleased with myself -- I made it to today, day 6, before starting to feel antsy about all this time I'm "wasting" by not being "productive." I'm not very good at taking care of myself, so being able to focus on that for this long was quite an accomplishment. I even resisted the urge to get out my planner and work on some to-do lists today. Maybe tomorrow I will start easing myself back into real life. :)

Note: my tongue is no longer swollen or sore, but there is still at least one large chunk of it that is numb on top. I'm wondering whether this is going to be a long-term side effect that takes weeks or even months to correct!

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