Friday, January 15, 2016

Tonsillectomy Recovery: Day 2

Weight: 223
Change from yesterday: -2
Change overall: -2

Late last night (or early this morning, really), after I finished writing the recap of Day 1, I actually got a longer chunk of sleep that I was not expecting. I think I slept for a solid hour, woke up, sipped some water, and then slept some more, in half-hour increments. Getting sleep was great, but the downside was I fell behind on my meds and found myself in more pain than I'd felt up to that point.

Once I got caught up on my meds, I felt a lot better, and was able to eat some jello and then some scrambled eggs. The rest of the day passed slowly, with lots of short naps and water drinking. I kept up with my meds and ate more jello and then some mashed potatoes. Before I finished the potatoes, I felt an intense wave of nausea, so I stopped eating and just relaxed for a while. I ended up napping some more, and when I woke up the nausea was gone.

Something felt sort of "off," though, but I didn't know what it was. I knew my stomach was still mostly empty, but I took my carafate as planned. An hour or so later, I took one perocet and then started to eat some jello. I only got maybe two bites into the jello before the nausea hit again. I tried to relax and let it pass again, but before long I found myself in the bathroom, vomiting with all my might.

Let me just say that this was my worst nightmare. Of all the horror stories I'd heard or read about tonsillectomy recovery, the vomiting stories scared me the most. I've always hated vomiting and have never handled it well. The thought of throwing up under these circumstances was about as awful as it got...and it happened. Lucky me! It didn't hurt as much as I expected, but it felt very strange, and having a swollen uvula made it difficult to stop gagging. I think I was in shock for a while after it happened, not really knowing what to do.

Hours later, I'm still not really sure what to do. I've read that it's normal to experience some nausea and vomiting from taking pain meds on an empty stomach, and that doctors can prescribe anti-nausea meds to help you out (I'll be calling first thing in the morning!), but nothing I read tells you what to do in the meantime! I've just been lying here, drifting in and out of consciousness, feeling the pain meds slowing wear off, but afraid to put anything else in my stomach. I have sipped some water and that is all. In a little while, I will try some ice chips, I think. I guess what I think right now is that I'm not going to take any more meds until I have something in my stomach, but I'm wary of putting anything in my stomach until it feels settled. So I think I will take it easy, similar to what I would do after a stomach virus. I hope this approach works. I fear it's going to be a very long night. On the bright side, as of right now my pain level is still reasonable enough that I can get by without drugs. I'd rather NOT, but if this is my reality for the time being, I will survive. I just need to get this figured out before the major pain sets in, which could be any time now.

Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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