Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ice Ice Baby {Belated Weekly Summary}

Total # of Workouts: 3
Total # of Runs: 2
Longest run without walking (time): 10 minutes
Highest total running mileage in one day: approx. 1.5 miles
Total running mileage for the week: approx. 2.8 miles
Fastest speed sustained over a mile: N/A
Progress on training plans: I'm still on day 9 of my "30-day" ab challenge. I'm in week 4 of the 5K training plan that I'm somewhat following.
Progress on safety goals: Still slowly getting stronger and faster. Have not pursued self-defense classes yet.
Injury Report: Nothing to report. I've had some soreness in my legs that makes me nervous, but it always goes away before the next run.
Weight: 229
Weekly Change: -2
Overall Change: -1 from new starting weight of 230
BMI: 33.3 (obese)
Jean Size: 20
Waist Circumference: Have not measured lately
Next Goal Weight: My first goal is just to stay under 230 for a whole month. I started March at 229 - so far, so good!
Next event goal: None yet.
Last week's goals: (1) Incomplete: I ran only two times. (2) Incomplete: I did ZERO ab workouts. (3) Incomplete: I wrote only one blog post.
This week's goals: (1) Run 3 times. (2) Resume ab workouts. (3) Write 2 or more blog posts, including this one.

Analysis: I don't know what happened with my ab workouts. I was on a roll, doing them fairly regularly and making good progress! My husband was joining me and it was fun to have the company and support. We were doing them at night right before bed, and I just started getting really tired at night and kept skipping, until suddenly more than a week had passed and I hadn't done a single core exercise! I really need to get back on track with that ASAP before I lose the strength I had built up. Fortunately I do know what happened with running...I missed my third run of the week because I was too sore from another exercise -- ice skating! My 8-year-old wanted to do something special with me (in lieu of the mother/son dance at his school), so we went ice skating together! I hadn't been on the ice in years, and I'd forgotten how much fun it was. We skated for nearly two full hours, and boy did I feel it the next day! I actually wasn't *quite* as sore as I'd expected to be, but my whole body was just exhausted. And it was totally worth it. :)

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