Monday, March 10, 2014

A Milestone, Literally {Weekly Summary}

Total # of Workouts: 3
Total # of Runs: 2
Longest run without walking (time): 12 minutes
Highest total running mileage in one day: approx. 1.5 miles
Total running mileage for the week: approx. 3 miles
Fastest speed sustained over a mile: approx. 5 mph (12 min mile)
Progress on training plans: I'm still on day 9 of my "30-day" ab challenge. I'm in week 4 of the 5K training plan that I'm somewhat following.
Progress on safety goals: Still slowly getting stronger and faster. Have not pursued self-defense classes yet.
Injury Report: Nothing to report.
Weight: 227
Weekly Change: -2
Overall Change: -3 from new starting weight of 230
BMI: 33.0 (obese)
Jean Size: 20
Waist Circumference: Have not measured lately
Next Goal Weight: My first goal is just to stay under 230 for a whole month. A week into March I'm at 227 - so far, so good!
Next event goal: None yet.
Last week's goals: (1) Incomplete: I ran only two times. (2) Incomplete: I did ZERO ab workouts. (3) Incomplete: I wrote only one blog post.
This week's goals: (1) Run 3 times. (2) Resume ab workouts. (3) Write 2 or more blog posts, including this one.

Analysis: Hmmm. I feel like I should be mad at myself for failing to meet any of my goals for the second week in a row. And yet, somehow I actually feel okay about it. One reason might be that I hit a signifcant milestone this week with my running: I ran a mile without stopping! Yay!! Another reason could be that I have failed so many times in recent memory to get an exercise routine going, and this time only running 2x per week feels like a real accomplishment! Yes, I do still want to make three runs per week the norm (and add in some cross training as well), but as long as I'm consistent with the two runs and not backtracking to one or fewer, I am pretty satisfied. I'm a little frustrated with myself for not resuming my ab workouts, but they are secondary to running so I just can't get too upset about it. To be perfectly honest, I'm most annoyed with myself for failing at goal #3! I really want to do more blogging, because writing is good for me in so many ways: not only does it keep me accountable with my fitness goals, but it also serves as therapy for whatever ails me mentally or emotionally, AND helps me hone my writing skills for future endeavors. So if I had to prioritize my goals for this week, they would go in this order: #3, #1, then #2. If a few days go by and you don't see another post, please yell at me! Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. Just wanted to comment about your ab workouts being secondary to running: the core is what holds us together and supports good running form. Without good running form, this will lead to imbalances and injury down the road, so, I think it is just as important as running but in a different way!! There are many quick ab exercises you can do in 10-15 minutes after running before you cool down :)