Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Third Time's the Charm {Weekly Summary}

Total # of Workouts: 2
Total # of Runs: 2
Longest run without walking (time): 12 minutes
Highest total running mileage in one day: approx. 1.7 miles
Total running mileage for the week: approx. 3.2 miles
Fastest speed sustained over a mile: approx. 5 mph (12 min mile)
Progress on training plans: I'm still on day 9 of my "30-day" ab challenge. I finished week 4 of the 5K training plan that I'm somewhat following.
Progress on safety goals: Started researching self-defense classes.
Injury Report: Nothing to report.
Weight: 227
Weekly Change: N/A
Overall Change: -3 from new starting weight of 230
BMI: 33.0 (obese)
Jean Size: 20
Waist Circumference: Have not measured lately
Next Goal Weight: My first goal is just to stay under 230 for a whole month. Halfway through March and I'm still at 227 - I feel like I will be able to meet this goal!
Next event goal: None yet.
Last week's goals: (1) Incomplete: I ran only two times. (2) Complete: I did an ab workout! (3) Complete: I wrote two blog posts.
This week's goals: (1) Run 3 times. (2) Do 3 ab workouts. (3) Write 3 or more blog posts, including this one.

Analysis: I have mixed feelings about this week. I achieved 2/3 of my goals, but the one I failed to accomplish is the one that is most important to me. Somehow that third run per week remains elusive!! Getting started on any fitness plan is difficult, and one key to success is making exercise a habit. I know that once running is a regular part of my routine, it won't be as much of a struggle to find the time and energy. It will just be something that I do, no hesitation. As long as I'm only running two times per week, it doesn't feel frequent enough to be a habit. Each run is a challenge in terms of scheduling and also overcoming all the excuses I naturally make. I think that when running becomes a habit, it will be easier to focus on the quality of those runs, and on adding in various types of cross training. So I did adjust my new goals based on what I accomplished last week, but #1 is still the most important one to me. I've started off right with a Monday run, and hope to do my second one on Thursday, leaving both Saturday and Sunday options for the third run. Perhaps I will pop in and let you know if I manage to make it happen!

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