Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Shopper - Swimsuits

Either my pool has the scariest concentration of chemicals in the world, or else I'm just buying bad swimsuits. I'm now on my third one that has started just to disintegrate until there is so little fabric left that it's nearly transparent!

They are Speedo suits, but purchased at Costco. I know they're not the top of the Speedo line, but I never expected them just to fall apart like this. The first time it happened, I assumed it was due to my own mistakes, such as not rinsing it out well after every use, and also washing it in the washing machine a couple of times. I have taken much better care of my last two, only to see them fall apart in the same way as the first.

So far, I haven't wanted to invest the money in a really good swimsuit because I'm still losing weight and have quite a bit more left to lose. Ideally I'll be down another size in a couple of months, so I'll need another suit then anyway. Once I'm at a healthy weight, then I certainly won't mind shelling out a little more money for a couple of great swimsuits that will last me a while.

For now, please tell me where I can buy an affordable suit that won't disintegrate after a month!! Thanks!

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