Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back on Track

Sorry I've been MIA for over a week! I haven't really had any news to report. I've just been adjusting to my new shoes and orthotics, and continuing to practice my flip turns in the pool. Everything is going well! I repeated a couple of runs from the last week of my program that I did before I took the little break, and then last night I moved on to the next week's run. The shoes are feeling great so far!

There is still a little bit of pain in my leg but I'm hoping it will work itself out as I continue to adjust to all the new added support. I will continue to monitor the pain and if it gets any worse I will definitely head back to the doctor.

If I can continue on my running program without any more breaks, I should finish it up the last full week in August. At that point I'll be able to run 30 minutes at a time, but at the pace I'm currently running, that won't get me through the whole 5K distance. I will have to keep working up to that, and I hope to be ready to run my first race in mid-September. I'm starting to look at events listed on websites like to get an idea of what my options will be in the DC/Baltimore area around that time.

As for my swimming, I've missed a few days lately. I've lost a bit of my motivation to drag my butt out of bed at the crack of dawn. Plus my allergies have been flaring up at night, so I've been taking Benadryl before bed, which inevitably leaves me groggy still when I wake up. I need to work harder to stop making these excuses. This morning I made some progress on that front and forced myself to get moving even though I desperately wanted to stay in bed. I won't let myself miss another swim this week, especially because I might have to miss a few due to scheduling issues next week! The flip turns are coming's just going to take me more time to really get the technique down. Stay tuned!

Today was a pretty inspirational day in sports, with the USA win in World Cup soccer and the marathon Wimbledon match that still isn't over! I will ponder these events tonight and share my thoughts on them tomorrow. :)

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