Monday, June 14, 2010

A Whole New World

I fell in love today.

It wasn't the first time I fell head over heels (pun totally intended) for a store that sold shoes. I carried on a torrid love affair with DSW for many years, before the time and money constraints of raising kids put a major dent in my footwear obsession. I'll admit it - I still have feelings for DSW. But those feelings seem like puppy love compared to the passion I discovered today.

Acting on the advice of trusted friends, I entered a running store for the first time. Half an hour later (and me $150 poorer), Fleet Feet had captured my heart!

It wasn't just the exceptional service from a knowledgeable staff member that won me over. It was the overwhelming feeling that by shopping there I was joining a special club - real runners. I know a lot of real runners. Some of them I'm lucky to count among my friends. Many of them have inspired me to pursue the sport. I've wanted to be one of them for quite some time now, but have felt like an outsider looking in.

Of course it takes more than buying shoes from a running store to make a person a real runner. I understand that. I've got to stick to my training and keep pushing toward my goals. What made today a turning point for me wasn't making the was how I felt about making the purchase. It felt like the start of something special, something that will last. I left the store knowing I would be back again and again. It's true love, y'all. :)

In case you're wondering about the results of my fitting, it turns out that although I have decent arches when I'm sitting down, they completely collapse when I stand up, and I definitely overpronate. The shoes I've been running in lately were a half size too small, and though they were stability shoes, they didn't have enough stability for my wonky feet/legs. So now I own a pair of Asics GT 2150's, and a pair of orthotic inserts for extra support. When I was trying on several different shoes, I could actually feel the difference in this particular pair. I am breaking in the orthotics for a few days and I plan to run in them for the first time on Thursday! Please cross all your fingers and toes for me...I really hope these shoes solve my leg pain issues and I can proceed from here injury-free!

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  1. I love my asics! Shoes do make a difference!