Tuesday, May 31, 2011

35 Weeks - Pregnancy IS Exercise

Workouts this week: 0
Total walk mileage/time: 0
Weight: 216 lbs
Total weight gained: 32 lbs

Everything I do now other than sitting or lying down feels like a workout. I'm winded after walking up one flight of stairs to my kids' room, and taking a shower leaves me tired and needing a short rest. I'm no longer even trying to go for walks just for the sake of getting exercise. Now I consider myself to be active as long as I'm still running some errands (the kind where you actually walk around a store for a while) and doing activities like strawberry picking with my family. That is plenty active for me.

It's hard to believe that some women are still working out intensely at this stage of pregnancy. They are superwomen. And I am content with NOT being a superwoman. :)

I'm proud that I managed to make my fourth pregnancy the fittest and most active one of them all, after having established a pretty firm pattern of laziness each time before. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped, but I did well enough to be satisfied. I feel no shame in being at the point now where I'm happiest in the recliner with my feet up, working my way through a bowl of ice cream!

My goals are still there, waiting for me on the other side of my impending surgery/recovery, though I must confess I do not daydream about running as much as I once did. Now I mostly daydream about how wonderful it will feel just to walk without all this extra weight on me, and be able to sleep on my stomach, and not have to endure someone else's hiccups 85 times a day...etc. Once I start to feel like a normal human being again, I'm sure my running daydreams will return!

One random note: I saw a commercial yesterday for a new summer weight loss show. I can't remember what it's called, but each episode follows a year in the life of an obese person who works with a trainer to get fit and healthy. It sounds like all the amazing transformation of The Biggest Loser, but without all the hokey reality show drama. I'm excited about it! I think it premieres this week, and I will be tuning in to be inspired. :)

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