Monday, May 9, 2011

32 Weeks - Not Dead Yet

Workouts this week: 1
Total walk mileage/time: unsure, maybe about a mile, in a little less than 30 min?
Other workouts: 0
Weight: 214 lbs
Total weight gained: 30 lbs

I'm still hanging in there, just barely. I feel like I can't get into any kind of consistent routine because my schedule is so busy and varies a lot, and also because how I feel varies greatly too. It's like I need the perfect storm of circumstances to come together in order to get in a workout, and it's still only happening about once a week. Last week, I got in a good walk (with my 2 year old in the stroller, which upped the intensity of the workout a bit!) on Wednesday, and that was it.

The good news is that once a week is still better than never!!! I really have been enjoying my walks outside now that the weather is finally beautiful more days than not, so I still want to keep doing it. I just have to relax and take things one day at a time, and go for walks whenever I can.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think a lot more about my c-section recovery and return to running. I'm concerned that my earlier expectations were completely unrealistic and that the road back to 5K's and 10K's will be longer than I'd hoped. I know I'm going to need a great deal of mental strength to overcome the physical obstacles ahead of me, so what I'm trying to do right now is stay inspired! Expect to see some posts from me soon about people and stories that motivate me to run and be fit and meet challenges with a positive attitude. If you have any suggestions for inspirational books or movies or blogs I should check out, feel free to share them! Thanks!

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