Tuesday, May 17, 2011

33 Weeks - Let the Countdown Begin!

Workouts this week: 2 (1 normal exercise walk around the neighborhood, and then 4 hours of walking around Ikea, stopping to rest here and there..)
Total walk mileage/time: unsure, about 40 min in the first walk, probably about 2 total hours of actual walking time at Ikea
Other workouts: 0
Weight: 214 lbs
Total weight gained: 30 lbs

As long as I keep getting in at least one good walk per week, I feel successful! My rate of weight gain seems to be slowing down a little too, and I'm glad. While I'm not obsessing over every single pound, I'd rather not hit 220 lbs if possible. Unless I have a great deal of swelling near the end (somewhat likely, when it gets hotter outside!), I should be able to achieve that goal.

The best news right now is that the end is in sight! I have scheduled my c-section for June 28th, which is 6 weeks from today!!! And if all goes well, 6 weeks after that I will be cleared for real exercise, so on or around August 9th I will make another triumphant return to running!! Even though that date is still 12 weeks away, it no longer feels like an eternity. I really like having a date to look forward to, even if it's not etched in stone. If my math is correct, I have 84 days to go...but who's counting? :)

So for now, it will be just more of the same. I feel huge and uncomfortable most of the time, and my energy level is usually pretty low. I'm trying my best to stay active (not just the walking but also helping out around the house to prepare for the baby, and doing fun things with my other kids while I still can), but also listening to my body and resting when there is a need. My doctor appointments are now weekly, and long (I get extra monitoring here at the end due to my blood clotting disorder), but everything looks good and baby and I continue to be healthy! Now that I've reached the homestretch, I feel less grouchy and impatient, which will probably help with my stress level as well!

Thanks to any of you who continue to read these updates. I know they are not as interesting now that I'm not getting much exercise, but they are, as always, an honest snapshot of my life at the moment. The payoff for following along now will be seeing my progress when I get to the "other side." I hope that will be rewarding for all of us!

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