Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Wheels! {Weekly Summary}

Once again, I'm a couple of days late with this update...

Weight: 218 lbs.
Weekly Change: +2
Overall Change: -1 from "starting weight" of 219
Next goal weight: 214
BMI: 31.3 (obese) (using this calculator)
Waist Circumference: Forgot to measure but probably still 38.5 inches
Disease Risk: Very High (according to this chart)
Jeans Size: 18
Total Workouts: 3!!!
Total Running Time: 18 min.
Total Running Distance: 1.5 miles
Longest Single Run: 9 min./.75m (broken up with walking)
Progress on Training Plan(s): I'm finishing Week 5 of this Couch to 5K program .
Progress in Sit Up/Push Up Challenge: Up to 22 push ups and 44 crunches
Injury Report: No real change in the busted toe; still sore sometimes.
Last Week's Goal(s): Semi-succeeded at one of my goals -- I finally managed to exercise three times in one week!! Unfortunately, the 3rd workout ended up being a walk instead of a run, but it was a long one, up and down hills, pushing a stroller, so it was good exercise even if it didn't move me forward in my training program.
Next Event Goal: I'm starting to have some doubts about being ready for a 5K by the end of June, but I haven't entirely given up hope yet. Meanwhile, I've been looking at other events throughout the summer. I'm really looking forward to registering for my next race!
Next Week's Goals: All repeats: 3 runs, keeping up with my SU/PU challenge, more blog posts, and get bike working.

Analysis: Well I might not have succeeded at all of my stated goals, but I did do the general thing I wanted to this week, which was get back to normal after the craziness of my work deadline the week before. I'm thrilled finally to have accomplished the elusive third workout, and especially happy to have done it outdoors on the weekend. That feat was made possible by my awesome Mother's Day gift from the world's best husband -- my new jogging stroller was exactly what I wanted and needed to help me kick things up a notch! It's hard to get anything done around the house with four small children underfoot, so many tasks are reserved for the weekends when we are both around. If I slip away for a run when the kids are running amok, our plans for the day are likely to derail. Now with my new stroller, I can toss one of the younger two kids in, and maybe drag one or both of the older ones along on a scooter or bike, leaving less mayhem behind for my husband to deal with while he tries to be productive at home! So that's one less excuse that will be keeping me from exercise on the weekends. I hope to build on my excitement and really make some progress this week!

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