Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Act of Defiance {Inspiration of the Week}

Confession: I have never seen Wicked. I desperately want to, but just haven't had the chance. I've heard some of the music, and somehow I know I will love the show whenever I finally see it!

Luckily, I don't have to wait until then to be inspired. Thanks to Glee, I've become familiar with "Defying Gravity," an incredibly uplifting song (oh yeah...pun totally intended!).

The lyrics can be applied to many different sorts of "leaps" you may take in your life, but tonight they proved especially motivational when I was on the treadmill. Right now, while I still weigh so much, it often feels like gravity is purposely working against me. Lifting my feet off the ground takes so much effort...sometimes I feel like I'd have just as much success trying to fly. Tonight this song helped me through my run and even helped me push myself to add an extra minute. As far as I'm concerned, I defied gravity!

Here is just a small sample of the awesome lyrics:

"I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so.
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know"

You can buy the Glee version of the song here, or the Wicked version here.

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