Sunday, April 3, 2011

27 Weeks - Still Running!

Workouts this week: 2
Total swim time: 30 min.
Total run/walk mileage: 2.5 miles (1 mile was running)
Other workouts: None
Weight: 206 lbs
Total weight gained: 22 lbs

This week I was successful in a couple of ways. First, my stats improved over the previous week, with 2 workouts and a pound less of weight (proving that part of my enormous gain before was probably just bloat). Second, I fought my inner demons and emerged victorious, at least temporarily.

Of course, now the third trimester has begun and my days of exercise are surely numbered. From here on out, I have zero goals or expectations other than just to keep trying. My run this week felt good enough that I'm confident it wasn't my last. Swimming still feels amazing and I had no trouble getting in and out of the pool. I know I can continue working out for now. As long as I can, I will...but any and every workout is an accomplishment. If I skip due to sheer laziness, I will fight that demon harder the next day. If I skip due to pregnancy discomforts, I'll cut myself some slack and just be thankful the baby and I are still healthy. :)

Only 12-13 weeks to go...and then I can begin to track my recovery and the road to getting fit all over again!!!

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