Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tips: Improving This Blog, Part 2

Thanks first of all to those who gave me some tips last week. I haven't had a chance to implement any of your suggestions, but hopefully I'll get to play around with different design elements soon. I will probably ask for more specific advice as I get into reworking the look of things here.

This week I would like your thoughts on the content of my posts. I'd like to know which posts you're most likely to read, when you read them, and why. Which ones do you like the most/least, and which ones you are more or less likely to comment on? How do you feel about my overall tone?

I'll tell you a little about what I've been trying to do here, and maybe you can let me know if it's working, or if I'm doing something else entirely! :)

I started this blog both for myself, to track my progress toward my goals and to have an outlet for venting frustrations, and also for anyone else who might relate to my journey and want to share in the experience, or who might have wisdom and insight to offer me in support. So far, it mostly has been meeting my expectations, but I'm curious whether it has been meeting yours, dear handful of faithful readers.

Most of my posts are about my progress with injury recovery, walking, running, swimming, and pregnancy. Sometimes I write about big-picture topics like my goals, or about things I read or hear that inspire me. I have asked for various tips and product recommendations, and responses to those have been varied, so those seem to be less popular topics.

For the next few months, I'm not sure what I will write about, and my posts will probably get less frequent for a while. But once I've recovered from my c-section and am cleared to do more than just walk again, I will probably pick right back up with my usual sorts of topics. Do you think I should continue the way I have been, or do you think I should develop a different focus? Would you prefer to read short, simple, factual updates on my workouts, or do you enjoy my thoughts and feelings and philosophical musings as well?

On a more specific level, do you prefer to read about my successes, or are you comfortable reading about my failures also? Sometimes I get the feeling that people prefer not to see any negativity at all, and/or are concerned that I make too much of my struggles. But I think our struggles are what make us human! I am not superwoman - if I were, I wouldn't even need this blog because I'd be able just to go out and reach my goals with no problems! I can't do that, and though many of you are probably closer to being superheroes than I am, I doubt it's THAT easy for you either. I share my flaws, my weaknesses, my shortcomings so I can work through them, and also so I can get some support if anyone has dealt with something similar and overcome it. I share them also in case any of my friends struggle with the same issues and might be looking to me to help them through it! So I believe there is a legitimate purpose to my more negative posts, but I do wonder whether you feel the same. Do you see it as annoying whining or attention-seeking, and does it turn you off from my blog? Or do you find value in it like I do?

Please, if you have the time, think over my questions and provide me with some constructive feedback. Even though I write for myself, as long as there are a few of you also reading it, I'd like to make the experience worthwhile for you, too. Thanks, y'all!


  1. I really like your blog, April. I think what you share is great...it's you. I like hearing about what workouts you are doing, your successes, failures and thoughts/perspectives on both. Many of us (and I've already told you my most recent injury) are having our own struggles as well. I respect that you are willing to share yours to help both yourself and others. Journal-ing, afterall, is cheap therapy. :) Most of the things that you have requested feedback on were just things that I didn't know either. So, I guess in a way, that was good too...even though you might not have gotten adequate responses. Keep doing what you're doing. I look forward to hear how things go with the newest addition to your family, your recovery, and going forward. - Charla

  2. April - FWIW, I like the contents of your blog posts. Good, bad, upbeat, frustrated, whatever. They reflect who you are and where you are. You are kind enough to share your humanity with us and that is uplifting, even when the particular day's posts aren't. I don't respond very often, but I appreciate the thoughts you share. And I am sending support out to you, wherever and whenever you are on your journey. -Mattie