Friday, February 25, 2011

One Last Good Month

I am happy to report that all my appointments went well this week, and both baby and I are looking good and healthy! :)

With my past two babies, I've struggled with pregnancy-induced anemia, which is normal and totally manageable, but just one more factor that caused me extra fatigue. I've expected to develop it again this time, but so far I have been lucky enough to avoid it!

Last time around, at my "big" ultrasound I was diagnosed with partial placenta previa, and placed on "restricted activity" for a month until they could do another ultrasound and see if it had resolved itself (and it had). I'm happy to have avoided that issue this time too! I would have been extraordinarily frustrated if I'd been ordered not to exercise for a month!

So with a clean bill of health and still minimal aches and pains, I'm hoping to make the most of this last month of my second trimester! I want to exercise as much as I possibly can (i.e. as much as is comfortable and I have energy for) over the next four weeks or so, in case my tolerance for activity declines sharply in the third tri.

I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself. I know there are no guarantees that I'll feel good enough to exercise every day for the next month! If pains start cropping up or I'm just too tired, that's fine. My approach to this month is more about fighting a natural inclination of mine, which is procrastination. It's very much like me to put things off, including workouts, with the attitude that they can always be done the next day, or the day after that, etc. That way of thinking is not going to serve me well right now, when I'm facing a very real future where all exercise is going to get more difficult! So I'm just trying to remind myself that conditions are not going to get any better than they are right now, and I should seize this time and get as much out of it as I can!!

Here's to one last good month! (Well, at LEAST one....if this one goes well and I still feel good, I'll certainly shoot for another good month after that!) :)

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