Saturday, February 19, 2011

21 Weeks - Still Running

Workouts this week: 4
Total swim time: 30 min
Total run/walk mileage: 2.75 (.75 mile of that was running)
Other workouts: Prenatal Yoga DVD 2x
Weight: 198 lbs
Total weight gained: 14 lbs

Despite my whining the other day, this was actually a better week than the one before. I still only ran and swam once each, but I also did my prenatal yoga DVD twice. I'm hoping that the yoga will help reduce the third trimester aches and pains that loom on the horizon.

I had a great swim yesterday -- it was the strongest one I've had in a long time. My arms didn't tire too quickly, and I felt strong and not too terribly slow. So even though running is a struggle, I guess I haven't lost all my fitness just yet!

At the moment, all of my pregnancy symptoms/side effects are minor, and I'm reasonably comfortable. I get the occasional aches and discomforts, but they are moderate and manageable. This is probably about as good as I will feel throughout the entire nine months, so I ought to make the most of it! In the week to come, I hope to double both my runs and my swims, but I will settle for doubling just one of them. I also have an appointment with my hematologist and one with my OB which will include the "big" ultrasound, so I'll know even more about how the baby and I are doing!

Some friends have given me things to think about regarding my efforts here, and I hope to write an introspective post or two later this week. Here's to a great week for everyone!

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