Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Get With the Program

Tonight's the night! I'm going to start a new walk/run program to get back into running and train for my first 5K.

I previously used the "Couch-to-5K Running Plan" from the Cool Running website. It's a good program and I know a lot of people who successfully have completed it, gone on to race in 5K's, and become runners. However, I now have failed to complete the program 3 times, due to various injuries. I'm starting to think that though it's a good program, it's not the right program for me.

When I first started considering a triathlon, I discovered beginnertriathlete.com, a website with tons of helpful information. It has its own "couch to 5K" programs, and I'm going to try the "aggressive" one. I like that it's stretched out over more time than the Cool Running one, 16 weeks as compared to nine. I also like that it gives you a total number of minutes you should spend running or walking, but you are free to break them up however you choose. That flexibility could come in handy on days when I feel weaker or stronger.

This new program starts out with a week of just walking, so I won't actually begin running until next week. Meanwhile I'm just excited to be starting a training program again! This feels like real progress. Here's hoping my leg continues to feel great!

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