Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On a (Slightly Painful) Roll {Weekly Summary}

Weight: 215 lbs.
Weekly Change: -3
Overall Change: -4 from "starting weight" of 219
Next goal weight: 214
BMI: 31.3 (obese) (using this calculator) (and just realized I've been using it incorrectly...I didn't realize you could enter fractions of inches in height, so I rounded my height up. heehee oops)
Waist Circumference: 38 inches
Disease Risk: Very High (according to this chart)
Jeans Size: 18
Total Workouts: 6!!! (but only 2 were runs)
Total Running Time: 30 min.
Total Running Distance: 2.5 miles
Longest Single Run: 15 min./1.25m (broken up with walking)
Progress on Training Plan(s): I'm starting Week 8 of this Couch to 5K program .
Progress in Sit Up/Push Up Challenge: Up to 32 push ups and 64 crunches
Highest Daily Step Count: 11,309
Injury Report: No real change with the busted toe, but I'm sad to report that now I'm experiencing leg pain in the same area where I had my stress fracture two years ago. That portion of my left leg has been more prone to pain than other places since then; I'm not sure if that's normal. This pain is worrying me because it feels very similar to the stress fracture, though not as severe. I'm going to start icing the spot after runs and after walking workouts as well, and I'll keep monitoring the pain. If it continues or worsens, I will have to take a break from running and see if it goes away. I really really really hope it doesn't come to that. :-(
Last Week's Goal(s): Man, I am NOT good at achieving my goals! Maybe there is something wrong with the goals I'm choosing? Maybe I'm trying to do too many things at once? I actually thought I had a pretty decent week, but I fell just short of most of my goals. I was short one run, short one day of 10,000 steps, and accidentally went four days without push ups or crunches. I did blog more, but not as much as I'd wanted. Biking didn't happen; eating only improved marginally, and I did not make a race decision.
Next Event Goal: (Still need to follow through on this decision!!) With less than a month left before the Semper Fi Fund 5K, I have an important decision to make. I know I will not be ready to run the whole thing in that time. I feel confident that I'll be able to run more than half of it by then, but I don't think I can hope for much better than that. So I need to decide if it's worthwhile to enter a race knowing that I won't be able to run the whole thing, or whether I'd prefer to save my money and wait until I actually can run 3.1 miles.
Next Week's Goals: I'm going to stick with the same goals this week, and if I fall short on most of them again, I will rethink them all next week! Three runs; hit 10,000 steps every day; only one day off from crunches/push ups at a time; start biking; blog more; eat better (vague, I know); make a decision about the Semper Fi 5K.

Analysis: So far, the walking challenge is still living up to my expectations! I have dragged myself down to the treadmill for a brisk walk many evenings when what I really wanted to so was sit on the couch and eat snacks. Not wanting to let my team down is much greater motivation for me than anything internal these days!! I don't know if it was the extra walking or the slight nutrition improvements, but my weight finally broke through the 216-pound threshhold! Now I'm just one pound away from my first mini-goal weight! I don't expect to reach that this week (for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that this is a very cakey week in my world, and I am powerless to resist cake. Mmmmmm CAKE.), but maybe next week I'll be able to lose one more??? I think my reward for finally getting to 214 will be to download some new music. I never did go buy "Stronger" like I said I was going to...that might be a good reward!

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