Thursday, August 11, 2011

6 Weeks PP - Phase One Complete!!

Workouts this week: 0
Most Strenuous Workout: Just normal activity
Weight: 207 lbs
Total pregnancy weight lost: 16 lbs
Pregnancy weight left to lose: 23 lbs

It's official -- I have completely recovered from my c-section! My 6-week-postpartum check-up went well today, and all restrictions have been lifted. This means I am cleared to resume any form of exercise I choose! Yippie!!

Driving home from the doctor, I sang along with the radio while imagining running to those upbeat tunes. I'm feeling really pumped up about getting back on track and setting my new goals and everything! Nothing has really changed with my amounts of energy and free time, though, so I'm prepared to take it slow and not be too hard on myself. I have started working on my plans, and will be excited to share them soon!

Looking back over the past 6 weeks, I'm a little disappointed that I didn't start walking regularly as soon as the pain subsided enough. At the same time, I'm pleased that I didn't gain back any weight after my initial loss. I still have 23 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose before I'll be back where I started. Hopefully those pounds will come off fairly quickly once I'm exercising.

It also is time for me to rein in my permissive eating habits. For example, "ten o'clock dessert" has to end and be replaced with a small, healthy late night snack (I have to snack at night because I stay up late). Of course, I won't be cutting out sweets entirely. There will be birthday cake in our house this weekend, and a few weeks later I'll be making a cake for my wedding anniversary. There will always be cake in my life. This is why I run. :)

Thanks to all of you who put up with my whining and complaining throughout pregnancy and recovery. I hope that now things will return to normal, and I will have more to talk about than just hormones or surgery. The weekly updates are over for now, but posts should come more frequently. Be on the lookout for Recovery: Phase Two!!

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  1. Abs exercise and they are both fun and challenging in different ways. When I wake up in the morning, I look at my stomach and I can see and feel the progress I’m making. I hope to be stronger than ever for ballet when winter break is over! Thanks for the natural high, keeps me coming back for more!