Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Food as Fuel

On my family outing to Costco this past weekend, I sampled two flavors of Clif bars for the first time. They were quite tasty and I considered buying a box, but decided to wait until I figure out whether I really need them.

So once again I turn to my personal panel of experts, all of my wonderful friends and readers who are runners or active in some other way! Do you eat energy bars? If so, how often and when? Do you eat them before every workout, or just the longest or most strenuous ones? Or do you eat them after you work out?

If you don't eat energy bars, do you eat anything at all before you work out? I currently do not. I drag myself out of bed around 5:45am, or sometime soon after...or something after that. :) There is really no time to eat and I'm usually not hungry yet anyway. I just take a few sips from my water bottle as I'm warming up, and then I'm on my way. I eat breakfast soon after I come home.

Sometimes I start to feel really hungry in the middle of my swims, but I don't usually notice hunger during my runs. Soon I will be running for longer stretches though, and I'm wondering whether I ought to eat a little something to help boost my energy. As always, any and all tips are welcome!

In case you are wondering, my training is back on track and going well. Some runs have been difficult, but I'm hanging in there and building my endurance. I will attempt three miles this weekend...wish me luck!


  1. I don't always eat, but there is a longer time between my waking and running. I run about 7:45-8 after I drop the kids off. If I am hungry I generally eat a Luna bar. Thats my breakfast most days anyway, so I either have one before or after I run.

  2. Thanks for responding! Are Luna bars similar to Clif bars? Do you genuinely like the way they taste, or are they mostly just convenient?