Friday, September 10, 2010

Cold Feet

Why did this have to happen today? I had a horrible run this morning, and it has destroyed my confidence for the race.

It wasn't even supposed to be difficult...I was just going to jog a slow 2 miles, no more, since the race is tomorrow evening and I didn't want to overdo it. Well, I had zero energy, and my legs felt like they weighed a ton, and there was no spring in my step, and I had this nagging ache deep in my right thigh the whole time...every minute was miserable. I finished the amount of time I wanted to run, but I know I didn't come anywhere near a full 2 miles. Most of the time, my pace was barely above a swift walk.

This is not what I needed today. There are several things causing me frustration and stress in my life right now, and what I needed this morning was to have a great run and feel strong and powerful afterwards! Now I feel overwhelmed by life AND running. If I feel like this tomorrow evening, I don't know if I will be able to finish the race.

I understand that bad runs happen, but I'm feeling particularly upset that this one had to happen today of all days. Now instead of just relaxing and being excited for the race, I'm spending all my energy fighting off the negative self-talk that keeps ringing through my mind. Running my first race was already enough of a challenge. It didn't need to be made more difficult, and yet here I am.

Now what I'm trying to do is convince myself that running is just like theatre...a bad dress rehearsal leads to a fantastic opening night, right???? Please God, let it be so!

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  1. I like the theatre comparison! :-) Let's say it will be JUST like that! I know it's hard not to have other stresses in life on your mind but this can be your main focus. None of the other things causing stress in your life can be solved tomorrow but you CAN have a good run. That is something that if you focus on I believe you will have and can control. One step at a time, once you have a great run tomorrow, your confidence will be up and you will have completed an amazing accomplishment (as well as making me so very proud of you). After tackling this task, you will be more positive with everything else that needs to be worked on and we will complete each and everything else, one step at a time. So let's focus on this race first and everything else will follow. You can do this!!! We all know you can and believe in you! You make me so proud and I love you! Now lets get out there and kick this races butt!!! I'll see you at the finish line with a great big smile and hug.