Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Cross Training

I could use a little advice regarding cross training the weeks before and after my first race.

As you probably know, I swim on the days I don't run. This Friday will be my last swim for a while, because my pool is shutting down for three weeks for its annual maintenance. The staff handed out a list of other county pools that accept our passes, but I don't think any of them are close enough for me to use without majorly disrupting our family's daily routine.

I have some fitness DVD's that I was thinking of using, for fun and a change of pace (some dance, some Billy Blanks boot camp, whatever torture Jillian Michaels thought up before she created the 30 Day Shred, etc.), but I'm concerned about doing anything too different with my legs the week before my race. Is this a silly concern, or a legitimate one? If it's legitimate, would you recommend just resting on my off days leading up to the race and maybe a couple of days after, or would it be better to do some walking to keep the muscles loose and warm?

Thanks for any advice you can share!!

In other news, I hit a major milestone with my running on Sunday evening, and I've been eager to blog about it, but my brain has been preoccupied with my oldest son's first day of kindergarten, which was today. Tomorrow I hope to be back to "normal," whatever that is, and will post my thoughts then! Stay tuned!

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  1. So, you keep asking for comments on this post.... :) I'd say that since this race is important to you (a goal or "A" race as folks say) it may be best not to start anything new (whatever torture Jillian Michaels thought up before she created the 30 Day Shred--ha!) the week before the race that may leave your legs sore or tired (or just worry your more mentally).

    Walking would probably be good, or just resting. If you're too nervous/antsy, or just wanting to keep doing something to move, I say go for the walking. If you're feeling tired/burnt out, then I say take a rest day or two. Basically, the old "listen to your body."

    After the race, I say start the DVDs and/or continue to walk w/in a day or so, whenever you feel up to it.

    -Amy B (from CC)