Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tips: Race Day Attire

With my first race less than three weeks away now, I'm starting to think about the details of the big day so I can be fully prepared. One detail I'm pondering is what to wear!

I'm no fashionista and I really don't care whether I look stylish or cute even when I'm not running! My main concern is what would be most comfortable and appropriate for the race environment.

Part of my clothing challenge is covering my not-quite-fit-yet body. No matter how hot it is, I will not be running in short shorts and just a sports bra! Nobody needs to see all that...trust me. :)

I'll probably wear a pair of exercise pants that come just below the knee, but the shirt is a little trickier to figure out. I have a running tank top with a built-in bra that would certainly be cool to wear if the temperature is high. Unfortunately, it tends to ride up while I run, so I'm constantly tugging at the bottom, pulling it back down over my stomach and hips. My other option is to wear a baggy t-shirt that will not require constant maintenance but could get insanely heavy with sweat over the course of 3.1 miles.

A third option would be to find some time to go shop for a new shirt that would not have the problems of the other two. I know I would need to do that ASAP so I can practice in the new shirt before race day.

What do you think? If you run races, what do you usually wear? Do you think what you wear affects your performance at all?

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  1. It varies race to race and depending on the temperature. I wore just a t shirt and running shorts (not the tight ones but the ones that have the built in liner). I don't ever just wear the bra... Usually the tank tops with built in liners or tanks with sports bras underneath. I do have some running skirts which I LOVE!!!! They have the built in short underneath. All that matters is comfort for you. You can buy the sports shirts that are like t shirts but wick away the sweat... those are great! Good luck!!