Monday, May 12, 2014

Back from Commercial Break {Weekly Summary}

***Updating based on the past week, May 5-11***

Total # of Workouts: 1
Total # of Runs: 1
Longest run without walking (time): 30 minutes
Highest total running mileage in one day: approx. 2.5 miles
Total running mileage for the week: approx. 2.5 miles
Fastest speed sustained over a mile: approx. 5 mph (12 min mile)
Progress on training plans: I'm going to start the ab challenge from the beginning again. I just finished week 8 of my 5K training plan, but I'm thinking of repeating the week a couple of times to get really comfortable at running for 30 minutes at a time. Since I don't have a specific event on the horizon yet, there is no urgency to extend my distance right away.
Progress on safety goals: Started researching self-defense classes; hoping to start a class this summer while the kids' activity schedules are lighter and thus I have more free time.
Injury Report: My biggest issue currently is my knees. They tend to ache a lot throughout the rest of the day after I run. I don't think I've injured them -- I think it's just the strain of so much weight pounding on them while I run. I'm hoping that as the weight gradually comes off and my muscles continue to get stronger, the aches will diminish.
Weight: 224
Weekly Change: N/A
Overall Change: -6 from starting weight of 230
BMI: 32.6 (obese)
Jean Size: 20
Waist Circumference: 40.5 inches
Next Goal Weight: 220, and when I reach that I will have lost all the weight I've gained in the past year since my daughter was born.
Next event goal: None yet.
Last week's goals: N/A I took a break from the weekly goals while getting through a big work deadline.
This week's goals: (1) Run 3 times. (2) Do 3 ab workouts. (3) Write 3 or more blog posts, including this one.

Analysis: Let's just pretend the past month didn't happen, okay? I was stuck with a huge work deadline during what was also a very busy month for my family, so certain things fell by the wayside. This blog was one of them. I did manage to keep running, though it slowed to once a week most weeks. Luckily I was still able to make progress and can now run 30 minutes without walking! And I managed not to gain any weight, which is practically a miracle considering how much junk food I ate in order to fuel my long hours. Now I'm ready to get back on track, and I have high hopes for this week! I'm working on getting up earlier in the morning so I can do all of my workouts then, which should make it easier to establish a good routine. I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, but I'm looking forward to writing more often now that I'll have the time!

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