Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What a (Triathlete) Girl Wants

Triathlon can be an extremely expensive sport, especially if you're the type who always has to have the latest and greatest products available. Luckily I am NOT that type of consumer, because I couldn't afford to be anyway! If you want to read about the hot new gear to put on your Christmas list, you are in the wrong spot. If you are interested in seeing how someone can tri on the cheap, settle in and get comfy. :)

My first basic strategy this past summer to get me to and through my first race was to buy only what I absolutely NEEDED, and to buy used whenever possible. I got a used hybrid bike off Craigslist, and kept the rest of my gear to a bare minimum. As I continue in the sport, I still will try to buy used items whenever possible, and I will spread out my purchases over time. I'm going to focus on budgeting for whatever I need the most at the moment, and postpone buying anything else. Really this is the way I approach buying just about anything else in my life as well (clothes, shoes, etc.) -- it's just the lifestyle of the broke and frugal. :)

Now my birthday and Christmas are rapidly approaching, so instead of slipping a wishlist to my husband, I'm putting it here so you can give me advice if you want, offer me used items if you have them, and follow along if I end up with any interesting stories to share about great secondhand finds, super sales, or random product reviews.

For Swim:
-new swimsuit (my current one is falling apart)
-new swim cap (mine is reeeeeeally worn)
-pull buoy (for drills)
For Bike:
-cycling gloves
-pedal straps
-padded shorts
-new helmet (apparently mine is too old...)
-second cage and water bottle to go in it
-reflective vest and lights for my bike (for riding in the dark)
For Run:
-Road ID
For Energy:
-bulk supply of Salted Caramel GU (my fave! yummy!)
-lots of other gels and chews to sample
-other stuff to try such as Nuun tablets, Honey Stinger Waffles, etc.
-Swim Bike Mom's book (Triathlon for the Every Woman)
-foam roller

For Swim:
-wetsuit & lube
-better pool bag
-paddles for my hands (for drills)
For Bike:
-road bike (I plan to upgrade when I move up to the Oly distance)
-clipless pedals & cycling shoes
-aero bars
-cycling jerseys
-maintenance stuff: flat kit, spare tubes, tire pressure gauge, portable pump, multi-tool, etc. (I also need to learn how to use all this stuff...)
-bike rack for my car
-cold weather cycling clothes
-bike trainer
For Run:
-Garmin or other GPS watch
-more technical shirts & running pants
-elastic laces for running shoes
-more microfiber socks
-more sports bras
-fuel belt for long runs
-cold weather running clothes
For Transition:
-transition mat
-transition bag
-lots of books about triathlon
-Swim Bike Mom merchandise
-Iron Girl car sticker or magnet (hope to get one at the expo next summer since shipping on the website is too expensive!)

If you have any tips, please share! Santa might need help knowing where to shop. ;-)

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