Friday, November 7, 2014

The Super Secret List, Part III

I started out meaningful, and then I went a little random, and now here is where I go completely off the rails. :)

PART III: General Categories, Types, Brands, or Distances of Races I Want to Do

1. Marine Corps: You may have noticed that I really enjoyed running the MCM 10K in 2010 and this year. As luck would have it, the Marines run a whole series of races throughout the year, including a half marathon, a mud run, and a sprint triathlon! I would love to try as many of their events as I possibly can. Marines rule.

2. Run under Christmas lights: I know of at least one park here in Maryland that does one of these, but I assume there are others as well. I love Christmas lights, so this sounds like a TON of fun to me.

3. Other Christmas-themed races: I don't just love the lights....I love ALL of Christmas! Reindeer run? Jingle Bell run? I will be there with bells on -- LITERALLY! :)

4. Some half marathon: It just makes sense to work my way up to this distance. In the beginning, the races are like little stepping stones: from 5K it's just three more miles to 10K, and then just four more miles to a 10 miler, and then just three more miles to the half marathon. After THAT it gets crazy, so the "half mary" seems like a good END goal. :)

5. Some trail race: Generally I tend to think trails are for hiking and paved roads/paths are for running. But I've run on a trail once and it was quite lovely. A trail race could be something fun to experience once.

6. Some random distance races: for automatic PR's. :)

7. Some Disney race: If I can ever afford to take my kids to Disney, I might as well combine it with a race. The scenery is impressive, as is the bling. Luckily they have a variety of themes and distances from which to choose, so I can find one that suits me best.

8. Some race on or overlooking a beach: I love the beach. 'Nuff said.

9. Some mud/obstacle race: These things look like fun. They might be the type of fun I only want to have once and then never ever again. But I have to at least try.

10. Race on vacation: What a great way to explore an unfamiliar area, or spend time with someone I'm visiting! Of course, I can only do this if I actually GO on a vacation at some point. Oh, and the Disney race doesn't count for this one.

11. Winter race (Jan. or Feb.): I discovered last winter that I really love running in the cold. I know it's good to take some time off from racing in the off-season, but at least once I will make an exception in order to run a very very cold race.

12. Long bike race or charity ride: I'm thinking I'll wait until I have a road bike for this one. :)

13. Race where I raise money for charity, either alone or as part of a team: This will probably be combined with another event on one of these lists. I'm just giving it its own entry so I remember to plan for it. I might even do this sort of thing more than once. Who knows?

14. All Iron Girl events? Maybe? It seems like a nice idea. I loved Iron Girl Columbia so much that it just makes sense to try other Iron Girl branded events. There are not so many that it's impossible; however, they are spread out all over the country, with a few international events thrown in for good measure, so I have no idea if I could possibly travel to and complete them all. And with my luck they will probably add more races over the years, so every time I get close to checking off the whole list, it will just get longer. Still, it's a nice idea.

15. Race in another country: Canada counts. And I have family in Canada. This is totally doable.

16. LOTS of sprint tri's. TONS. ZILLIONS.

17. A triathlon with an ocean swim: Preferably without sharks.

18. An off-road tri (with mountain bike and trail run): I'll probably fall and break my neck on the bike portion, but I'll find a way to drag myself to the finish anyway.

19. A relay other than Ragnar (like a marathon or triathlon relay): I never got to play team sports growing up, so I long to experience that team dynamic whenever possible.

20. A race on my birthday: I thought it was really cool that my friend Sherene just ran a marathon on her birthday. I'd like to mark my birthday with a race someday too -- what better way to celebrate being alive????

So, yeah....this list is sort of all over the place, but then again, so am I! It's good to have goals, right? (Even if they don't all make sense...?) I just love running and triathlon and want to keep racing as long as I am physically able. Over the years I'd love to see improvement in my speed, strength, and endurance, but what I want more than anything is just to ENJOY the experience of being active. I think my goals are well-suited to that aim. Next week I will wrap up the Super Secret List with Part IV, which will be completely different in theme from the first three. I'm sure you will be on the edge of your seats until then. :)

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