Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Five Gone {Weekly Summary}

Weight: 214
Weekly Change: -1
Overall Change: -5 from "starting weight" of 219
Next goal weight: 209
BMI: 31.1 (obese) (using this calculator)
Waist Circumference: still 38 inches
Disease Risk: Very High (according to this chart)
Jeans Size: 18
Total Workouts: 6 (3 run, 2 swim, 1 bike)
Total Running Time: About 1 hour and 15 min.
Total Running Distance: about 6 miles.
Longest Single Run: 25 min./2.0 miles (no walking!)
Progress on Training Plan(s): I am starting week 3 of this 10K training plan
Progress in Sit Up/Push Up Challenge: Up to 49 push ups and 98 crunches
Highest Daily Step Count: 14,766 steps
Injury Report: Still doing the ice & ibuprofen after running, and it's still working. Pain is minimal, though it does randomly appear from time to time. I've also had a little pain return to the old busted toe. I'm still waiting for that toenail to come completely off eventually...
Last Week's Goal(s): I think I can say that I accomplished all of my goals last week! I definitely completed #1 and #2. I am fairly certain I've completed #3 as well, but I haven't taken the next step of actually registering for the races I've chosen, so I don't know if it counts.
Next Event Goal: As soon as I register for the first 5K I've chosen, I'll list it here, but for now my next event remains the Marine Corps Marathon 10K in October.
This Week's Goals: (1) Run at least twice, and swim and bike once each. (2) Register for my next 5K. (3) Don't eat more than one piece of cake per day.

Analysis: You may have noticed that I achieved my first mini-weight-loss goal, which was the highlight of my week! It has taken me SO LONG to finally get those first five pounds off, and it's particularly gratifying to accomplish it after making a determined effort to start focusing on my weight. I set a new mini goal -- another five pounds -- and I still have my sights set on the goal for my photo challenge. For this week, though, I didn't include losing another pound as one of my top three goals. I'm fighting a cough, which might interfere with my workouts, and there is a ton of birthday cake in my house (CAKE!!!!!), so I have a feeling this might be an off week. There's no sense in setting myself up for failure, so I'll just try to maintain my weight for now and aim for another loss next week!

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