Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Breathing is Fundamental {Weekly Summary}

Weight: 214
Weekly Change: none
Overall Change: -5 from "starting weight" of 219
Next goal weight: 209
BMI: 31.1 (obese) (using this calculator)
Waist Circumference: still 38 inches
Disease Risk: Very High (according to this chart)
Jeans Size: 18
Total Workouts: 1 :-(
Total Running Time: About 30 min.
Total Running Distance: 2.5 miles
Longest Single Run: 30 min./2.5 miles (no walking!)
Progress on Training Plan(s): I am have stalled in week 3 of this 10K training plan
Progress in Sit Up/Push Up Challenge: Up to 50 push ups and 100 crunches (halfway to my goal!!)
Highest Daily Step Count: unknown
Injury Report: This week it's an illness report. My cough kept getting worse and worse, causing me to miss two days of work and stop exercising entirely. There was one day where I didn't even log 1000 steps on my pedometer because I barely moved from the couch all day!! I'm back at work now but still coughing and still pretty miserable. I hope to feel better soon but I can't even guess when that will be. :-(
Last Week's Goal(s): Hmm. Well, I stuck to one piece of cake per day, so I guess I did accomplish one goal.
Next Event Goal: As soon as I register for the first 5K I've chosen, I'll list it here, but for now my next event remains the Marine Corps Marathon 10K in October.
This Week's Goals: (1) Run at least once. (2) Register for my next 5K. (3) GET BETTER.

Analysis: It has been a real bummer to be sick for the past week. I had some good momentum going with my running, and I'm worried it will be difficult to resume whenever I am well enough to try. And I hate not being able to take advantage of all the inspiration the Olympics provided me. I hope I can keep those memories fresh in my mind so they can still motivate me later! It seems like things were really moving along great, and then suddenly everything has been flipped upside down. My bike was stolen, so it may be quite a while before I ride again. And my pool is about to shut down for three weeks for its annual cleaning and maintenance. Given how crappy I still feel, I'm not sure I'll get one last swim in before that happens. UGH. I'm not happy about how things are going at the moment, but I am confident that this is only temporary. I set my goals small for this week so as not to discourage myself any further. Hopefully next week I'll be feeling 100% better and at least can get back to attacking my runs!

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