Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why Are You Still Here?

I never meant for this blog to last this long.

It was meant to record a journey to a specific goal. I had no plans beyond that.

Now the journey has been recorded and the goal has been achieved, but so much has changed in the process. Instead of wanting to do one triathlon, I want to be a triathlete all the time. Instead of running to lose weight, now I run to feel strong and happy.

Still, I set out to accomplish something and I did. So why am I still here, and why are you?

My story isn't too extraordinary, but I think maybe that's what makes it useful. I've overcome an injury, fought to become active again after (many) pregnancies, carry a little too much extra weight, and struggle every day to find the time and energy for working out amidst the many responsibilities in my busy life. In other words, I'm just like lots of other people.

I know my readership is small, but I hope my writing can make an impact. I long to inspire people the way so many others inspire me.

But do I have anything interesting left to say?

Yes. I believe I do still have interesting things to say, even if only to myself. There are a plethora of fitness-related blogs out there, many with more helpful information or better background stories than mine. But I think there is a place in cyberspace for my ordinary little life, my tiny contribution, my story that isn't finished being written. So the reason I am still here in this blog is that I'm still here in the real world too, still on this journey and hoping it doesn't end until my body literally cannot do it anymore. I once thought I "might as well tri" one time, and now I figure I "might as well tri" over and over again -- and I might as well write about it too!

That just leaves the question of why you are still here. I can't answer that question for you, but I'm a little curious about your reasons, if you know them and don't mind sharing. If you are one of my handful of faithful readers, and you plan to keep right on following me, why?

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