Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Daily Lunar Eclipses -- Is That Too Much to Ask?

Mornings are killing me.

Sunrise is getting later and later, which is making it harder for me to get out and back before my window of opportunity closes and I have to be home to help with school prep and drop-off.

The problem is that 5:30am is D-A-R-K now, and often chilly as well. Even the days when I'm not overtired, and actually feel motivated to do the day's workout, I have trouble tearing myself out of my warm, cozy bed before the sun has approached the horizon. My brain seems hardwired not to want to get out of bed in the dark.

Here is my thought process every morning when the alarm goes off: "Outside is dark and cold. My bed is warm and soft. I want more sleeeeeeeep." And that's it. I give in nearly every single morning.

The one morning when I actually managed to get up WITH my alarm and get my butt out of bed was the day we had a full lunar eclipse just before dawn. As the moon darkened, it had a reddish hue, earning it the name "Blood Moon," which was pretty cool. For the first half of my run, I watched the eclipse happen, and then in the second half, I watched a bright, beautiful sunrise. It was a great run! If only I had something that spectacular to watch EVERY day, instead of the dark dark dark that keeps me in bed...

My running progress hasn't suffered too much, miraculously. Somehow, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish my 10K in less than 2 weeks, just from running twice a week lately. I completed a 7-mile run this past Sunday --the farthest I've ever run in my life -- and I didn't die, so I ought to be able to complete 6.2 without dying even if I only run 2 or 3 more times before then. But just barely getting through my next event isn't enough for me. I want more.

I need to get back in the pool and on the bike. Right now I feel like a fraud for still considering myself a triathlete, since I'm not really upholding the "tri" portion of the term. I'm not so much doing the "swim bike run" thing; rather, I'm doing the "run...sometimes" thing. And the truth is I actually miss swimming and biking! I had come to love all three sports and was enjoying them, so it's sort of absurd to me that I can't seem to make myself do two of them now!

What is it going to take to motivate me in the mornings? What will get me out of bed in the cold and dark on all the days when the moon is just the moon and the sun doesn't appear until my workout is nearly done? Until they invent a bed that literally launches you onto your feet when your alarm goes off, I am stuck fighting this battle with myself, inside my head, all alone. I need to turn the lazy monologue into a dialogue and argue myself out of bed. I need to come up with things to tell myself that will remind me why I do this stuff at all. I have quite a few mantras I play on repeat in my head when my workouts get rough and I feel the urge to quit. I need something similar for mornings. Any suggestions???

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