Saturday, July 12, 2014

Missing the Forest AND the Trees

I'm a detail-oriented person. This can be an asset at work, and when I'm organizing schedules for our big, busy family. However, sometimes those of us who are good at managing the little things can lose sight of the BIG picture.

This blog began when I got the crazy idea in my head that maybe someday I could complete a triathlon. I wanted to record and share my experiences along my journey towards that goal. Granted, I took a few detours from the original path, in the form of two more pregnancies and c-section recoveries, which became significant setbacks in my progress. But the end goal has always remained the triathlon, and now it's just on the horizon! I haven't registered for the event yet, but I'm training for it 100%...this is real. Meanwhile, I have hardly been blogging, and why? Because I've been caught up in the details.

A while back, I decided to give my blog more structure. I love structure, and rules, and guidelines. In theory, I also like to deviate from structure and break rules occasionally, but for some reason that has been difficult for me with this blog. Instead I've been a slave to the structure, feeling trapped by the weekly updates especially. Many weeks I'd fail to get an update written early in the week, but then felt like I couldn't post on any other topic without having done the weekly summary first. In other cases, I'd come up with a good idea for a post but it wouldn't match the "theme" of that day, and so I'd refrain from writing, only to forget or not have the time on the day when the post would be more appropriate.

This problem has persisted week after week, to the point where I have hardly posted at all lately, even as I've had more and more to say! The result of all this insanity is that you, my handful of devoted readers, are missing out on the stuff that probably is the reason you started following me in the first place. This blog isn't "Might As Well Lose Weight" or "Might As Well FAIL At Getting Into Shape." It's "Might As Well TRI" and I'm finally going to do just that!

So enough already. I'm tossing out all the structure. I'm ditching the weekly updates and the daily themes. From now on, I'm just going to post what I want, when I want. Some posts will be short and some longer. Some will have photos though most will not. There may come a time when I want to keep track of various numbers here, but probably on a monthly basis rather than weekly. None of those numbers are my focus right now, so looking at them every week is sort of pointless. I've got a training plan I'm following and that's about all the structure I need right now.

Ahhhh I feel free, like a burden has been lifted. I'm excited to start sharing more with you, because I am really really enjoying triathlon training even though it is thoroughly kicking my butt!! Tomorrow morning I'm going to attempt a 4-mile run, and I haven't run that far in many years. Hoping not to die -- will report back if I succeed. Until then, good night!

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